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The Founder, Sam DuRegger – @duregger

I’m a water rat. No doubt. I’ve been a lifeguard, swim instructor, river rafting guide, and water front director of a large camp in Colorado. There is just something about the water that draws me in… Maybe it’s because I grew up in Northern California, with the ocean in my backyard and grandparents who lived on a lake. Whatever the impetus, the fact is — if there’s water nearby — I want to be in it, on it, and most definitely around it.

Lake Surf Co. has been a dream of mine for many years as life has taken me inland, and the pull of the ocean has waned. My wife and I are outdoor enthusiasts and we want to bring our children up outside, among the trees and lakes scattered throughout the mainland. We love SUP boarding — it’s something we can do together, while bringing others along to the beach and river banks in our area. My hope is that you will experience SUP boarding for what it is… a way to get out into nature, powered by your own hands, experiencing the beauty around you, up close and personal.

I want you to get out in the water with friends and family, and don’t be afraid to get board!