How the SUP ATX boards are manufactured.

Some of you have asked how the SUP boards we distribute are being made. Below is a short video documenting the process from our manufacturing partner SUP ATX.

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Lahui Kai SUP Board Descriptions

Lahui Kai SUP Boards are shaped by Dick Van Straalen and designed by Mick Di Betta. Read more →

Do I need a leash?

Maybe. Again, we don’t want to sell you anything more than you need to experience SUP boarding at it’s finest. Read more →

Why a Paddle Board Bag?

Yep. This is an accessory. Do you need it? Maybe. Here’s the question… Read more →

SUP ATX Board Descriptions

There are a variety of boards in all shapes and sizes, one of the brands we distribute is SUP ATX boards. SUP ATX because they are one of the best SUP manufacturers in the country. They do it right.

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Which paddle should I buy?

Over the next year, we will be giving you a few different options for paddles from fully adjustable carbon, fit-your-self paddles, and even some classic wooden SUP paddles. For now, we have a couple options for you…

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How do I cut my SUP ATX paddle to fit my exact size?

Ideally, overall paddle length should be between 8 and 10 inches taller than the rider using it. Below you’ll find the paddle cutting instructions (via SUP ATX Read more →

What’s the difference between an 11′ and 12′ board?

There are a few differences in the 11′ and 12′ SUP ATX boards, and before you make the investment, knowing the benefits and specs is a must. Read more →

Where Can I Join a Paddle Club?

Sometimes the best way to try out a sport is to attend one of the many functions put on by different paddler’s associations and canoe clubs near where you live. Read more →

What is SUP boarding?

We get this question all the time… What’s a SUP? or What is Stand-Up Paddle boarding? Read more →