Top 5 Reasons to SUP

Peace & Quiet
5.When was the last time you got away and felt the silence of solitude? SUP boarding gives you the freedom to paddle out and experience the beauty of nature, whether on the lake, in the course of the river, or atop the gentle swells of the sea. To go SUP boarding is to quiet the noise around you and re-introduce yourself to your inner monologue.

More Friends
4. If you purchase a SUP board you will have more friends. That’s a fact. I mean who wouldn’t want to be friends with an outdoorsy SUP owner who let his friends borrow a board now and again!? It’s true, SUP boarding on a regular basis will attract friends of all sizes and shapes. The question is — Are you okay with that? We sure hope so!

Shoulders of the Gods
3. The great thing about SUP boarding is that it can be a great workout mainly because — YOU SET THE PACE. You dictate the speed and ferociousness of your front stroke. This makes SUP boarding a versatile cardiovascular activity. As it can easily be a leisurely paddle with friends and family or a competitive race between arch rivals! Either way, you’ll notice more defined shoulders… which is nice!!

Environmentally Friendly
2. SUP boarding uses 100% less gas than a gas powered boat. It gives off no emissions, besides the B.O. of the paddler (which is easily remedied with a brisk dunk in the lake… depending on the lake). SUP boarding does not leak oil in the water or cause any harm to the local fauna and flora. It’s a self-propelled watercraft that makes little noise, unless it’s a SUP race, whereby the racers may grunt and groan as they paddle to victory!
1. We founded Lake Surf Co. because of how much fun we’ve had SUP boarding with friends and family! It truly is a family-centric activity, as a 12′ board can hold 1-2 people, allowing for Dad to paddle daughter and Mom to paddle son around the lake. We absolutely love taking our little girl out on a 12′ SUP board, letting her perch on the front of the board and observe the fish below.

get board.

For us at Lake Surf Co. get board. is more than just a slogan! We believe life is busy enough, so there’s no reason to make your summer lake expedition more complicated then it has to be. So get board… by renting a SUP board from Lake Surf Co. — thereby allowing yourself to relax and maybe even a little bored.

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